Jim Dignum

Lead vocals. Plays fiddle, lead guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, ukuele, bass, acoustic guitar and the spoons. Got fired three times as a drummer. Meh, nobody's perfect. 

Wendy Walz

Lead vocals. Plays that there geetar. Great gams. Pulls'em in like moths to a flame. Possibly has the largest collection of cowboy boots you've ever seen outside of Nashville. 

Mike Basiliere

Iiiiiii ain't got gnome bodyyy...

AKA Garden Gnome or GG. Plays drums, sings vocals. Often found standing in lawns and gardens. Likes long walks in the woods and swimming in his cement pond.

Bill "OC" O'Connor

AKA OC/DC. Lead and backup vocals, plays bass (not the fish, the guitar) A style icon, his clothing attire usually consists of crocs and shorts. Even in the winter.